Keene Housing Kids Collaborative $5,000 Donation

Keene Housing Kids Collaborative $5,000 Donation

The Finlay Foundation Awards Keene Housing Kids Collaborative $5,000 Donation

Nashua, NH, September 7, 2018 – The Finlay Foundation, a New Hampshire charitable organization, announces that they have awarded $5,000 to the Keene Housing Kids Collaborative, which connects kids living in low income households with the opportunities and experiences in the community that will help them succeed at home, in school and in the community. The purpose of the gift is to help Keene Housing Kids Collaborative better engage middle and high school students, who are under-served, compared to younger and elementary school age children.

KHKC seeks to help these kids by connecting them to the opportunities and experiences in the community that will give them the skills, knowledge and competencies to succeed at home and at school – which will ultimately allow them to compete and succeed in the workplace. In 2017, 221 children participated in 617 separate activities at more than 20 partner organizations via Keene Housing Kids Collaborative. KHKC assisted those children and families in myriad ways, including paying tuition and program fees, liaising with families to make them aware of opportunities for their kids, managing applications and other paperwork, and acting as central point of contact between the kids and the community programs.

Finlay Foundation President Karin Finlay shares, “We are delighted to support the Keene Housing Kids Collaborative! They are doing great work in connecting families with resources that may already be available but are not utilized. They also do a great job bridging the gap where fewer resources and programs are available. We hope lots of families will take advantage of this wonderful program”.

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