Elliot Foundation Receives $20,000: Audiology Center

Level 1 Audiology Center

Elliot Foundation Receives $20,000: Audiology Center

Manchester, NH – The Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation, on behalf of New Hampshire’s Hospital for Children (NHHC), recently received a $20,000 grant from the Finlay Foundation to support the establishment of a Level 1 Audiology Center.

A level 1 facility is equipped to provide comprehensive diagnostic audiology evaluation for newborns and young children to determine hearing status and identify infants and children with hearing loss needing further treatment or intervention.

“Given the inadequate resources locally for this type of critical testing, we are very grateful to the Finlay Foundation for recognizing the importance of our request and for their grant,” said Dr. Kevin Petit, Executive Director of Pediatrics, NHHC. The grant is now expected to allow NHHC the opportunity to partner with experienced audiologists in local otolaryngology practices currently affiliated with the Elliot Hospital to conduct and interpret the testing. “This is consistent with the organizational mission of NHHC to partner with existing resources rather than develop new and competing services whenever possible,” explained Petit.

The Audiology Center will also provide appropriate feedback to the child’s primary care physician to help coordinate the management of those infants needing hearing amplification or other appropriate interventions and provide for more effective long-term follow-up.

“Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Granite State residents by assisting children and families in need and promoting an array of forward-thinking cultural and educational initiatives,” said, Karin Finlay, President of the Finlay Foundation. “This fits squarely into the type of initiative we see as serving potentially a state-wide need and we are thrilled to be part of providing a needed hearing center for infants and children.”